MK4 Dashboard (August of 2018)

<p>Rendering of Mechanical CAD model.</p>

Rendering of Mechanical CAD model.

A fully customizable, open-source, digital dashboard for a replica 1965 Ford Shelby Cobra, the Factory 5 MK4 Roadster.

Completed during my engineering residency at Hitchcock Management. Served as the basis for further research into automotive IoT. The GUI displays much more accurate and comprehensive information than a normal car dashboard, and things like logging and event triggering can be easily built right in. Implemented backup a camera, cruise control, numpad to lock and fire ignition. An Electron UI ran on Raspberry Pi. Used anodized aluminum for the actual dashboard part, high performance printed parts for everything else. The car didn't have a CAN bus, so I had to implement speedometer and tachometer from first principals on bare metal. Inside the car, the electrical environment was very noisy, so hardware communication protocols had to be very robust. Manufactured two complete dashboards, one made of out anodized aluminium and one out of walnut. I successfully advocated for design to be open sourced upon this project's completion.

Blog post (design and feature review, code/CAD etc.).

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