31 Nights Of Light (December of 2018)

<p>Installed in the center of the mall, animating.</p>

Installed in the center of the mall, animating.

Month-long installation at the Prudential Center mall in Boston, MA.

Commercial installation for Boston Properties to amplify their #31NightsOfLight campaign. Each night in December, the lights on the roof of the Prudential Center would change to a different color, raising awareness for a corresponding group or non-profit organization. Ceremonially, representatives from the group being showcased would flip a massive light switch in the center of the mall as a photo-op. Our installation was an illuminated sign attached to the top of this light switch that would animate when the organizations were mentioned, or corresponding hashtags used on social media. The piece had to be operating 24/7 unattended and could not use local network to connect to the internet.

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